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Redwood Castle part 2

Posted on May 17, 2020 at 2:55 PM

Hay Little Púca's, I do hope ye are keeping safe & well. Last night I posted pictures from another Irish Castle on our Instagram & Facebook to let you know we would be blogging this week. So back to Redwood part 2..As you know it was very much a night of cat & Mouse but something that has never happened before on an investigation was we have walkie Talkies synced to each other on specific number as twins, while we were taking a quick break on the third (Top) floor an investigator made his way across the room & while talking to me the walkie talkie went off in his pocket with the indicator someone was about to speak, as when someone wishes to speak you have to press hard on the side & hold it to speak, the problem was the twin walkie was sitting on the table on the empty (Middle) floor underneath us on a table in view of the camera. So we replied via the walkie but couldn't get this to repeat or activity, when after a while of trying we went down to that (Middle) floor & again began a full 15 min sweep of each room/floor but while down on the floors we got activity on the top floor of Redwood yes again it delivered & In CONCLUSION we believe after reviewing the footage we have captured multiple breaths, more than 1 EVP, had numerous activity of doors & decoys to keep us moving as the night was completely a game of Cat & Mouse. One point also was on the top floor on a previous investigation we had a ball be hopped from the stairs which was secured to the steps of said stairs, an action we never could repeat, the reason I bring this up is also on our investigation on this occasion an air mattress placed on a sofa securely, was knocked off leading to an investigator get a bit of a hop lol. .love these unexpected moments. So in conclusion do WE believe Redwood to be in possession of spirt. YES 100%, do we believe it to be a playful spirit 100%,Redwood has never not delivered for us & a castle we absolutely love & Hold dear but always get ready as each investigation varies so on that note sleep tight everyone. PS Another video of Redwood will be added this week & notified through our blogs & social Media ACCOMPAINED by a blog of all experience captured in this castle.. #staysafe #followthepuca

Redwood Blog & YouTube Video

Posted on May 7, 2020 at 9:55 AM

Follow The Púca, Hi All, so this is a clip from our Jan investigation, ok so filmed on location in lockdown in Redwood Castle in Ireland. Setting the scene so, in this clip you get to see a bit more of the team & light-hearted fun as we enter the castle grounds. In the clip you will hear what we believe is a breath & 3 knocks. This clip was filmed on the top floor,(floor 3 ) we were on the ground floor. At this point of the investigation we heard loud bangs on the ground floor so we left the top floor to check out what was happening below, as we went past floor two we thought we heard a voice which we did capture but the quality is poor as we are talking & its over our voice so we proceeded to the ground floor & during our call out asked for 3 knocks .At the time we didn't realise we got the 3 knocks but on the top floor. Interesting enough we had said at this point it was a game of cat & mouse, as we were being drawn to different floors by different unexplained distractions so it looks like the fun was on us at this point of the investigation. Stay Safe & we will update Redwood again soon...https://youtu.be/MVzWPiAiyik