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Lockdown this weekend

Posted on July 22, 2021 at 10:10 AM

Hello Little Puca Vogues, we are getting excited to be heading on our first investigagtion of 2021, after this craziest of years.We are heading to an Irish much loved castle that has delivered results on every visit.We will be doing lone vigials, split group investigations and much much more!!!!!!!!!! This is an authentic Irish Castle and we hope they will be happy to see us back.We will be focusing on the rempod, trigger objects and looking for answers based on previous captures so stay tuned. We will blog Saturday night a quick feel of how things are goung at 2am Irish time Saturday night so stay tuned.And on a seperate note due to social distancing I had the pleasure of setting up a camera in a fantastic historical site now a family home which included the most amazing feature a train station platform as part of the house so that footage is in review and hopefully we will get pemission to share any findings from that but the historial aspect was amazing and privaliged we were to see it.Stay Safe and talk soon everyone!!! hope you join us 

Number 10 House

Posted on March 31, 2021 at 10:30 AM

Hello Little Puca Vogues, ok so we are still under restrictions but managed a lone vigal in a private house, so here is some on the info, 2 areas covered with 3 cameras, trigger objects & a  secured location.Areas covered were Kitchen & Sitting room.The fottage is still in review but here is a little teaser of the findings, also a video clip will be added once complete.

1 Kitchen area after investigation was over & investiagtor (Myself) asleep (Banging can be heard in the kitchen, yet no one entered or left the area and I was  asleep upstairs so the question is, who was in the kitchen????

2 Sitting room had 2 cameras one at the door stopped recording after investigagtion but the second remained recording with no explination for the camera ceasing filming.

3 The interesting bit, As I called out regarding an event that happened on Halloween night as items flew off a shelf, this was asked verbally & a voice replies giving the name which we believe is John ny, which is the name of the owner who passed in the house, following this is again a second EVP saying ok ? The EVP is a male voice and can be heard.. 

so the history is a death in the house last August, noises frequently heard, Halloween night in front of 4 witnesses items fell flew off the shelf whilst the room was empty & the door banged closed on the 4 as they went to see what had happened. Now as the investigagtion begins it looks like we have activity.The blog will be updated again soon following more evidence review. For now Stay Safe, little Puca Vogues!!!


Posted on October 31, 2020 at 1:50 PM

Hi All, so we promised a surprise so before restrictions again hit us, we managed to do something special for you guys, but what a year we still cant show ye the true Púca vogue vision but for now here is a little treat for ye & we are reviewing footage for you all but this time we brought our own VIP musician Rebecca MCRedmond to help raise the energies & spirit. Videos are on Faceboook & soon to be added to the site. Over the next week footage review will be taking place & we will be back with the results.. Happy Halloween, stay safe. Happy 1st Birthday Púca Vogue (some year lol)

Ardfert Cathedral

Posted on September 24, 2020 at 6:35 PM

Hello Púca Vogue's, We hope everyone is still keeping well in the world. Ok so since the world is moving 2 of us Púca's hit the road for a fun trip out & stopped off at this beautiful Cathedral called Ardfert Cathedral, An Ardfert native true & true St Brendan was born there in Ardfert in the 6th Century & funny enough a namesake of one our fun team investigators. Brendan founded a monastery before his voyage to the Island of Paradise. His followers built 3 Medieval churches which stand on the site, The Cathedral building started in the twelfth century & includes a magnificent thirteenth-century window & a spectacular row of nine lancets in the south wall. Temple Na Griffin, one of the Churches got its name due to an amazing carving in the interior of a Griffin and a Dragon conjoined. All sounds very Harry Potter lol.... but this is a place you can just feel the energy from the grounds outside. No words can describe the great feeling & sharing it, so a visit is a must. It was not investigated by us but definitely you can feel the energy. If passing it is well worth a visit. Here is a link to some information https://heritageireland.ie/places-to-visit/ardfert-cathedral/ and this is also a link to the photo album of pictures taken by us on our road trip by https://www.pucavogueparanormalireland.com/apps/photos/ also on our Facebook/Instagram you will see a picture taken by us of a beautiful Irish Hidden Gem check it out Sleep tight Púca's

Staigue Fort Ring Of Kerry Ireland

Posted on July 26, 2020 at 5:35 PM

Hello Little Púca Vogues, Ok restriction & Covid is finally easing & this really is like the year that never was!!!!!!, What a year to launch & be locked down but Horrraaaaayyyyy not taking from the seriousness but we are hitting the road again. So its not an investigation as were still unable & timing isn't right to do one but we have brought you some pics from a road trip last Tuesday as we are on the hunt to bring you the real Púca Vogue.& we are going to be like the Phoenix & launch from the ashes.. should I dare say Púca Vogue THE Phoenix.. Hope ye like them & #staysafe #bekind #followthepucavogue . Here is also a history link from link from wikihttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Staigue_stone_fort & in the images is a on site history notice https://www.pucavogueparanormalireland.com/apps/photos/ . PS YOU are the first to know we are in the process of recording an interview for you which will be on You Tube next week so keep an eye for that, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh3HGIERXRE5zCnWOq1aAxQ?view_as=subscriber #followthepucavogue & share where you can we need YOUR support NOW more then ever, THANK YOU Night Púca Vogues from Ireland

Our Stay at St Vincents

Posted on June 21, 2020 at 6:45 PM

Evening Little Púca Vogue's, Ok its been a while as still under restrictions here in Ireland, but not for much longer as our restrictions are easing. So down to business throwback to New Orleans as we received a few messages asking about New Orleans, we were lucky enough to have stayed randomly at St Vincent's Guesthouse not aware of the history or connection to Ireland but faith always has a way of putting you directly in its path...It was booked for a stay over Mardi Gras randomly but wow did we learn about the history & connection to Ireland. We love historical old buildings with beauty & Character & always hope to cross spirits path along the way. On one of the nights we had arranged with the caretakers to do a mini investigation as The Myrtles plantation was the only investigation planned on the trip while taking in all New Orleans beauty & Fun but nothing compared to this little hidden gem. With limited equipment due to the travels an agreement was made to have our floor clear of people for 1 night so we could have some personal experiences as we had been told all the previous guest stories from a caretaker. And being Irish with the property having such an Irish connection we were delighted. Here is the wiki link to the lady who set up this orphanage https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Haughery & Margaret's house is still preserved here in Ireland http://margaretsbirthplace.com/html/history2.html . The feeling is not the norm of this fantastic building in New Orleans it really feels happy, fun & good vibes which is a great thing to feel but any fright is a fright lol..ok down to the nitty gritty, corridor lights off, floor cleared, in the spacious front street facing room with windows blacked out & within minuets it begins with 2 people in the room while other's waited on the balcony for us. First was the icy cold feeling on our skin, after the questions & introductions, the K2 was illuminating the darkness of the room, responding to each question, then the fun vibes very playful were highly being felt by intuition. The energy felt young so we guided the questions respectfully in that manner in keeping with the vibe. the results were as we believe , hearing laughter by high pitch young voices even thou no kids were in the property, asked for the spirit to make them selves know so as I was holding my hand out I believe I physically felt the brush of a hand on my skin, we asked for spirit light & sure enough in the darkness you could see dotting of spirit flickers of white lights momentarily. Next a knock on the interior wall street facing between the two beds, again laughter, for an impromptu short investigation delivering from the onset we believe the personal experience combined of spirit flicking lights, knocks on the wall from upper level non attached walls, friendly laughter, & touch all I could think of was Casper a real playful happy energy as we believe was encountered. The corridor which had stories attached to it and corridor doors for us didn't deliver but the encounter that night, the energy raised by laughter personally believing our experiences I would not trade as our spirit was quiet happy to greet us. I even have the hairs on my hand standing up as I write this as being an investigator for many years now looking back at the night it was so different from any other location & certainly I would return & investigate it further. For any that stay especially in our room they will not be alone & hopefully the corridor will deliver for some one else but that energy apparently is believed to be more of an authority figure.https://www.pucavogueparanormalireland.com/apps/photos/ Till next time little Púca Vogues be safe out there!!!!!

Markree Castle Ireland

Posted on May 31, 2020 at 11:35 AM

Hay Little Púca Vogues, ok so like a lot of the world, we here in Southern Ireland are still on lockdown and under restrictions but with fantastic weather. We do hope everyone is safe & well. So today we are going to discuss a Castle called Markree Castle in County Sligo. One of the team had the pleasure of staying here on an opportunity afforded to him with the previous property management & got to stay overnight in the famous Johnny Cash Suite, a highly sought after room in the Castle, Johnny Cash used to stay here when visiting his fellow musician Sandy Kelly & his signature is the guest register on site, Johnny visited many times including bringing his wife June with him also signed in on the Guest Book as the location was quiet near Sandy. Markree castle sits on a 500 acre estate, & dates back to the 17th Century & includes its own Chapel on site. It has under gone changes with its current owners but the charm, allure, mystery, & intrigue is not lost by any means. Grandeur including a beautiful stained glass window on the stairs area is a must see. So down to business. Having being at events here before one team member wanted a personal night in the Johhny Cash suite with less people on site to eliminate contamination of the site/Area. So having checked in gone through the castle and having a night to let the Castle breath & deliver in 2 areas which was the Chapel & The Johnny Cash suite. After the walkabout, discussions of personal experiences were discussed & they settled in for the night that lay ahead, it was time to see what if anything may lay ahead for the night. There is video recordings from the night & we will place some images etc on our Facebook & Instagram including the possibility of some footage So back to business the nitty gritty lol....As you entered the suite, directly opposite the door was the location for the camera to capture the room & any entry or exit from the room including the main floor which on a previous visit in this room a personal experience was felt & believed to have seen a figure in that area by the investigator who at the time had announced what they believed to be what was seen & felt. A fish eye lens was used on the camera.Once the camera was set up & in place it was time for lights out & let the room deliver on its own accord as agreed, The suite was left from 9pm to 1 am approximately. They then went to the chapel & bar areas, the chapel felt calm but personal experiences of shadows & feelings were met, the bar was quiet & relaxed. The suite on our return felt very different including the feeling it had been busy so on retiring for the night you just knew you were not alone, during the night stay noises & footsteps were heard in the room as if two worlds were colliding but in a harmonious way. On review of the footage main pieces we believe we captured were in deed foot steps going back over the centre of the vacant empty room, which was fantastic as that was a focus & backed up previous/personal claims by many down through the years. An interesting capture was a distinct noise a clink in a sort of noise which was later discovered to the little old fashioned pull latch on the wardrobe so if the room was vacant who pulled/played with the latch (that is the question), we believe a nice catch there & as for the footsteps even with debunking noise that can travel due to the volume, floor of the room the footsteps we believe are also a great catch as one part of the room centre had old boards so when stood on had distinct noise a bit like on the corridor but different tones due to different floor coverings & sound travel so again a great catch. Finally something interesting is many months later a property belonging to Johnny cash in Jamaica was investigated by an American team & interesting enough a similar if not exact noise was capture, countries apart with just one connection Johnny Cash.. So in conclusion we believe definitely a fantastic experience & find. especially backed up with countries apart. Stay Safe Púca Vogues

Redwood Castle part 2

Posted on May 17, 2020 at 2:55 PM

Hay Little Púca's, I do hope ye are keeping safe & well. Last night I posted pictures from another Irish Castle on our Instagram & Facebook to let you know we would be blogging this week. So back to Redwood part 2..As you know it was very much a night of cat & Mouse but something that has never happened before on an investigation was we have walkie Talkies synced to each other on specific number as twins, while we were taking a quick break on the third (Top) floor an investigator made his way across the room & while talking to me the walkie talkie went off in his pocket with the indicator someone was about to speak, as when someone wishes to speak you have to press hard on the side & hold it to speak, the problem was the twin walkie was sitting on the table on the empty (Middle) floor underneath us on a table in view of the camera. So we replied via the walkie but couldn't get this to repeat or activity, when after a while of trying we went down to that (Middle) floor & again began a full 15 min sweep of each room/floor but while down on the floors we got activity on the top floor of Redwood yes again it delivered & In CONCLUSION we believe after reviewing the footage we have captured multiple breaths, more than 1 EVP, had numerous activity of doors & decoys to keep us moving as the night was completely a game of Cat & Mouse. One point also was on the top floor on a previous investigation we had a ball be hopped from the stairs which was secured to the steps of said stairs, an action we never could repeat, the reason I bring this up is also on our investigation on this occasion an air mattress placed on a sofa securely, was knocked off leading to an investigator get a bit of a hop lol. .love these unexpected moments. So in conclusion do WE believe Redwood to be in possession of spirt. YES 100%, do we believe it to be a playful spirit 100%,Redwood has never not delivered for us & a castle we absolutely love & Hold dear but always get ready as each investigation varies so on that note sleep tight everyone. PS Another video of Redwood will be added this week & notified through our blogs & social Media ACCOMPAINED by a blog of all experience captured in this castle.. #staysafe #followthepuca

Redwood Blog & YouTube Video

Posted on May 7, 2020 at 9:55 AM

Follow The Púca, Hi All, so this is a clip from our Jan investigation, ok so filmed on location in lockdown in Redwood Castle in Ireland. Setting the scene so, in this clip you get to see a bit more of the team & light-hearted fun as we enter the castle grounds. In the clip you will hear what we believe is a breath & 3 knocks. This clip was filmed on the top floor,(floor 3 ) we were on the ground floor. At this point of the investigation we heard loud bangs on the ground floor so we left the top floor to check out what was happening below, as we went past floor two we thought we heard a voice which we did capture but the quality is poor as we are talking & its over our voice so we proceeded to the ground floor & during our call out asked for 3 knocks .At the time we didn't realise we got the 3 knocks but on the top floor. Interesting enough we had said at this point it was a game of cat & mouse, as we were being drawn to different floors by different unexplained distractions so it looks like the fun was on us at this point of the investigation. Stay Safe & we will update Redwood again soon...https://youtu.be/MVzWPiAiyik

Interesting Photo on our Instagram & Facebook

Posted on April 14, 2020 at 12:50 AM

Hay Púca Vogues, We do hope you all are keeping safe & well? We were just sharing pictures on our Instagram & Facebook before our next blog post when we spotted an interesting picture taken on our investigation a few weeks back, I am going to let you look at the pictures & let you decide.. Be Safe,Be kind & stay safe https://www.instagram.com/pucavogueirelandparanormal/?hl=en Puca Vogue https://www.facebook.com/Púca-Vogue-Paranormal-Investigations-Ireland-103811927645015/?modal=admin_todo_tour